Genbook Client Reviews

Yanna has a unique ability to understand the mental and emotional facets of what I'm going through. She has a keen ability to perceive and explain back to me the nuanced layers of my emotions as they relate to past and current experiences. There are weeks in the last year I'm not sure what I would have done without her kind and piercing way of getting to the heart of things. I'm extremely grateful to have found her as a guide.
-M.K., Nov. 2014

Yanna is a truly gifted therapist who has been a part of my life through many ups and downs. Her collaborative use of many modalities and her unique and heartfelt compassion have been a crucial part of my continued transformation. She truly believes in one's ability to heal and evolve and her humor, warmth and passion for her work have allowed me to do just that. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life.
-L.P. Nov. 2014

Yanna has created a warm inviting space where you feel welcomed, safe, cared for, and open to expressing yourself. She is a compassionate therapist who also has a directness which is very helpful. Neither her space nor her approach are book-like and clinical like other therapists I've been to. I feel she is passionate about her work and believes strongly in helping others discover truth, and reach their full potential. I highly recommend Yanna and Heartspace.
-S.W. Oct. 2014

Yanna is a very perceptive therapist who is sensitive, but also eager to get to the bottom of things. She has the guts to express her own opinions about what is going on with me, and what might be a good approach - not the all-too-common mealy-mouthed approach of "well what do you think about that?". She has been a great help and is probably responsible for saving my marriage.
-J.G. Oct. 2014

Yanna has been a profoundly helpful guide for me. I came to her with a combination of (old) unresolved trauma and a new set of life crises. She has skillfully helped me build a set of tools and strategies for coping with these. My stress level is down significantly, self-esteem is up and life satisfaction greatly improved. Yanna is a real gift, she is incredibly curious and all her insights clearly come from a solid foundation of psychology study and knowledge. I'm grateful to have found her.
-M.S. Sept. 2014

I came to Yanna at a very low point in my life. Every facet of it was in turmoil - personal, professional, spiritual...Through her gentle guidance and wisdom, I am well on my way to healing the areas that have been injured. I highly recommend Yanna for anyone who's feeling lost, lonely, hurting, and needing a soft place to land and recover.
S.S. Sept. 2014

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